Built In USA



Number One Handgun Safe in America, CA- DOJ Approved, Reliable Fast Access With Auto Gun Delivery System


TITAN PISTOL VAULT. RUGGED. PORTABLE. SECURE.  Approved by the California Department of Justice and built in the USA, the Titan Pistol Vault is the world’s premier handgun safe. Each gun safe is crafted from rugged 14-gauge powder-coat hardened steel. No Nonsense. No keys to lose, batteries to replace or apps to download and no illuminated keypads or complicated biometrics. These New Generation features not only fail, they actually draw attention to the safe with loud sounds and bright lights. Our mechanical lock handgun safe is the best solution for self defense. With its fail-safe mechanical locking system and patented quick auto-delivery holster, the Titan Vault reflects our commitment to top of the line quality. With the inclusion of two patented mounting plates, easily transfer the safe between multiple locations. When fast is not fast enough, the Titan Vault will ensure protection when your life depends on it. Everywhere. Every single time.