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Titan Gun Safe is the world's fastest gun deploying safe.

Approved by the California Department of Justice, Titan Gun Safe is an innovative and multifunctional gun safe designed with both speed and security in mind. Whether you are in your home or car, the Titan Gun Safe can be comfortably transported and effectively opened in even the tightest situations.

With its efficient combination locking mechanism and easy access to your gun upon opening, the Titan Gun Safe reflects our commitment to providing you with the best pistol safe on the market. No batteries, no electronics, a just great design that allows for portability and a feeling of safety wherever you go. Furthermore, the holster implementation in our safe designs makes it impossible for accidental discharging, meaning you never have to worry about misfiring your gun and causing an accident.

Included with this multi-function gun safe package is a lifetime warranty as well as a tactical holster, mounting brackets and hardware. We are confident that our product will stand the test of time and satisfy all of your safety needs, so think of these things as a token of our appreciation and proof of the trust that we have in our product. For those that want the highest level of security for their firearms, we offer to add on Titan Ammo Box and a Titan Cable Lock at an additional price.

Why a gun safe?

The United States has the highest rate of gun ownership anywhere in the world, and this ownership has been continuously increasing. Although people carry firearms for a feeling of safety and control over their environment, failing to keep your firearm secure can lead to dangerous situations. With a multifunctional gun safe like the Titan Gun Safe, you are not only ensuring that you can easily access your gun to defend yourself in emergency situations, but that it will be safe from children and other people. If a child gets hold of a loaded firearm and uses it improperly, you may be fined or sent to prison or both.

A small price to pay

The reasonable price of our gun safes and regular promotions, to provide you with the best deals possible, gives you little reason to keep your gun unsecured. Failing to keep your gun secure and easily accessible can lead to fatal results, so purchasing a gun safe is a small price to pay when you consider the big picture. At Titan Security Products, we offer the best pistol safes on the market to keep you and your family free from harm.

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