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TITAN Gun Safe Pistol Vault

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Titan Gun Safe Review by M. Brown
This safe was very expensive, but it works simply and consistently. I can have my gun out of the safe and in my hand in about 3 seconds while lying in bed. No batteries or electronics to rely on. I have another battery dependent safe that has a combination lock. When the batteries went dead, I realized I had lost the default combination and now have to use a key to get into it. The Titan is very good, but very expensive. But I have little grandchildren around, so couldn't take a chance. I consider it worth the investment in the long run. (Posted on 7/28/2017)
Tried Biometrics, but this is far superior Review by Damon
Intro to review: I have purchased one of those "place finger here and hold until the safe opens" gun safes. In my opinion, they're good for times when you're sleepy and/or panicky and there's an emergency. I know if I'm ever awakened by an intruder, I will be shaking like a leaf and there's no way I'm working a key. So a fingerprint scanner is ideal. The main problem I have with those is the fact they rely on electronics. I know, they are VERY reliable, but I want 100% reliability in cases like this. I also want 100% "keep my kids OUT of it" as well, and I keep hearing about how your fingerprint COULD potentially stay on the scanner, and just pushing the button could open it. (Tip:always swipe down to smudge your print) Also, the one I purchased was such a poor design, it would open without me even using my fingerprint or having an old print on there, about 8 times out of 20!! So I immediately sent it back and vowed to not use those again. I'm sure there are some great ones, but they're not my cup o tea.

None of that has anything to do with this product, but prefaces why I like this design. It is all mechanical; no batteries to replace, nothing to plug in or charge! It is a time-tested design that is very reliable. It is fast to open (I can open mine in less than two seconds in total darkness with either hand, and that's being careful and taking my time). When it's locked, it stays locked, keeping my kids out.

This particular model can be mounted under a bed, under a drawer, side of a cabinet, or left loose to be portable. I left mine portable so I could carry it in the car if needed. When the door opens, it presents the firearm, making it easy to grab.

You can adjust it for different sized firearms, and you can even adjust it so that the door stays open when you swing it up, and to close it, you lift up on the firearm after placing it inside, to release the latch. (Careful, the door swings down at that point! Watch your hand!) I added a small nut and bolt in the holster to hold my 9mm Sig P239 better. The holster is designed to accommodate larger firearms, so I "pinched" it together a bit with an additional bolt, which vastly improved it. Also, I moved the swing arm to present my pistol out further when the door is opened. That part, as well as modifying it to stay open, is documented in the instructions. The additional bolt was my idea.

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with kids, and is concerned about biometric safes' downsides, and wants something fast and reliable. If you get one, practice opening it at night, when you're sleepy, in total darkness, with one hand, then the other. It's easy to mess up when you are panicking, but muscle memory is your ally! (Posted on 7/28/2017)
Titan Gun Safe Testimonial Review by Marty
My son and I recently went to a local gun show with the intention of purchasing a full size gun safe. As we walked around the show we stopped by the Titan Gun Safe booth, within five minutes we decided this safe was just right for our needs.
For home protection you can have a loaded gun in your hand in less than 5 seconds (3 seconds with practice).
For keeping it out of the hands of children, nothing beats it.
These safes are so good we just ordered a second one. We carry our pistols in the safes whenever we go to the shooting range, even the Range Master was impressed with the ease of operation.
I have also been traveling, for work, my Titan and pistol are always by my side.

All I can say is "Be Safe" and get a Titan, you'll love it.
Riverside CA.
(Posted on 2/21/2017)
The best handgun safe on the market Review by David
I am very happy with my purchase, Titan Pistol vault gives me lightening fast access to my gun and it is all mechanical No battery.

Colorado (Posted on 11/18/2016)
Reliable and strong system Review by Lilandree
very good product (Posted on 11/2/2016)

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