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Where is the best location for my safe?

Close at hand. Think convenience and accessibility. Think stealth, a well-hidden safe ads to its security. Who is going to use the safe is important when deciding on a location. Time of day may be a factor as well as the days of the week. Are you alone during the weekends? Is your home full of people on the weekends? Many people have found that two locations will give better security in large spread out homes and homes with more than one level (two stories). Two guns in separate locations are better than two guns in the same safe, when defending yourself and family. Remember you are the only one that can gain access to your safe(s). The intruder cannot gain access to the handgun at your location.A. Entry areas where you first come into your home, a garage, the front door entry way, back and side entries to mudroom, are all common places. Ask yourself these questions. Will you be bringing a handgun home with you and want to lock it up as soon as you enter your home? Will you want access to your handgun when you first come home? (Did someone follow you home? Is there already someone uninvited in your home when you arrive?) Your main concern should be for the safety of the members of your household. Your handgun should be in your possession or locked up. There is no in between!B. Home Office Areas, especially if you work late at night.C. Dens, family, and grand rooms can be good and bad locations for your safe. You may spend most of your waking hours in these central areas but so do your family and friends.D. Master Bedroom is by far the most popular and practical room for the storage and quick access to a handgun. The master bedroom is a secure room; it is usually off limits to other members of the family unless invited.It has a phone to call for help. The universal bed mount will allow you to place your safe on your bed frame where you can reach while you are laying down.Securely mounting your safe and hiding its location is highly recommended.

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