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At Titan Security Products, we strive to provide a level of innovation and design not seen in the competing gun safety businesses. As a small family owned and operated the company, we value the importance of unique and quality design in our products, which is what has led our 2014 Titan Pistol Vault to be considered the fastest deploying gun safe in the world. Founded by a mechanical engineer with over 27 years of design and development experience in security hardware and 9 registered patents, Titan Security Products was built off of a strong foundation of design and ingenuity. Each product at our facility gets an individual level of attention and care unmatched by competitors and ensures that our products are consistently effective.

What Sets Us Apart

Our uniquely designed gun safes give you the opportunity to mount and utilize them in different ways, depending on where and how you want them installed. Of course, no matter how you decide to implement our products, they are designed to be safe from accidental discharge and allow easy access for situations that require fast action. These high levels of flexibility and reliability are the main reasons that our gun safes are considered top of the line. On top of firearm safes, we also offer additional safety accessories including a cable lock, ammo box and tactical flashlights with a built-in stun gun. Our commitment to providing quality safety products extends past just safes, although each of these accessories is designed with the same level of care and attention that our safes receive.

What Our Customers Have to Say

The quality of our products is evidenced by our 100% customer satisfaction rate. No matter what industry or profession you come from, our gun safes are reliable, effective and approved by the California Department of Justice. Take a look at some of the feedback that we have received to give you an idea of how we satisfy our customers:

"The gun safe arrived safely and is truly impressive. Very well constructed and easy to program". David and Lois

"But to store a handgun securely, for fast access without extra bells and whistles, this may be the best product out there". Chandra from Salem, Oregon

"The safe complies with stringent firearms transport laws but gives the user fast access to a pistol and ammunition". Nick Adams

Our head office is located in California, with our manufacturing partners spread out around the United States. For further questions, please visit our "Contact us" section above.